April 28, 2008

VivaTerra contest.

Since I love VivaTerra and contests, I'll spread the word.

VivaTerra - Eco Living With Style

Lapin Figures.

These just made me chuckle.

A+R Store - Lapin Figures + Book

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Birdhouse cuckoo clock.

Minimal and cute.

general store - Birdhouse cuckoo clock

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Instant Kitchen.

Beautiful and practical. This is fantastic.

Place it anywhere, all you need is to hook it up to a water supply and connect the electricity. The kitchen unit contains everything you need: oven, gas jets, electric power, refrigerator and water. To find a suitable name for it was easy: Instant Kitchen.

Instant Kitchen - Hansen Living

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April 27, 2008


Eos Airlines files for bankruptcy and ceases operations.

With its spacious seating and high-end service, I'd really hoped to fly this airline in the future.

Eos Airlines


Once you start looking at these photos, all taken by different people at 10:15 am, it's hard to stop.

Take a photo that shows a random glimpse of your life at 10:15 am on any day, then send it along. Include your name and website link.


April 26, 2008

Rethinking a newspaper graphic.

A simple change, but so smart.

To commemorate World AIDS day on December 1st the South African newspaper Cape Argus used their page numbers on the top of every page of the newspaper to educate the public on statistics relating to the AIDS pandemic in South Africa. All the statistics were collected from UNICEF and the South African Department of Health.

Cape Argus Aids stats - Osocio, Social Advertising and Non-profit Campaigns

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April 25, 2008

Because pandas make me smile.

Happy weekend.
(I'm not embedding the YouTube vid because it's terrible. Watch the NPR version.)

NPR: The Panda's Secret

April 24, 2008

An abandoned Russian library.

I wish I could read Russian to trace this link back and find out more about it.

English Russia : An Abandoned Library

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Sunday Magazine | The Onion

Sunday Magazine | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

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Word of the day: Eggcorns.

“Mind-bottling,” “jar-dropping,” and “lame man’s terms” are all eggcorns—a type of common and somewhat logical language goof named after a misspelling of “acorn.” Eggcorns have garnered quite a following on the web, where they were first discussed on the popular linguistics blog Language Log in 2003. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then you may have to check your own nest for eggcorns: When you really care about a cause, do you try to strum up support? Are you a perfectionist who hates to do things half-hazardly? Do complex moral issues fill you with a paralyzing cognitive dissidence? And finally, are you tired of paying exuberant prices?

GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine - Mark Peters on Eggcorns

Check out The Eggcorn Database if you like this sort of thing.

DIY affirmation.

Simple and, no doubt, effective.

A Morning Palliative on Flickr

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Just for carnivores.

Sorry, veggie readers. I love and respect you, but this is meat-related. Please avert your eyes.

La Cense Beef is offering 8 burgers (3 lbs) of grass-fed, free-range, naturally low-fat burgers for the price of shipping & handling ($12.99).

While I've always been skeptical of ordering perishable protein over the interweb, I just placed an order - for $4/lb, it seemed reasonable. (At their normal $8+/lb, it is not.)

I'll let you know if it knocks my socks off.

(And, no, this is not a paid advertisement, in case you're wondering.)

La Cense Beef : Promotions

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April 22, 2008

Clock + type = cool screensaver.

Love it.

Word Clock is a typographic screensaver for Mac OS X. It displays a fixed list of all numbers and words sufficient to express any possible date and time as a sentence. Word Clock displays time by highlighting appropriate words as each second passes.

Simon Heys : Word Clock


Big art.

I swear I could have a blog with nothing but buried treasures from AllPosters.com.

Wall Murals Posters at AllPosters.com

Charles Rennie Mackintosh prints.

My pal, the Czelt, turned me onto this Scottish architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I just ran across a collection of prints of his work -- fabulous and very reasonable. (And Allposters is having a 25% off sale thru Thursday. Bonus.)

AllPosters.com - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store

Read a good mag and take a survey for Earth Day.

Readymade magazine has partnered with Nau clothing to donate $1 for every person that checks out the magazine's new digital version and completes a quick (no personal information) survey.

I'm not a fan of print-format online magazines, but I'll admit this one is pretty slick. And I think an earth-friendly promo for it is great.

Our entire Green Design Issue (April/May 2008) is now available online, complete with all kinds of snazzy features like how-to videos and links to websites and products.

Plus, eco-conscious clothier Nau will donate $1 to Climate Trust for every reader who completes a quick survey about this new virtual version of ReadyMade—tell your friends!
(And act fast: the survey will only be up though Friday, April 25th.)

ReadyMade Magazine - April/May 2008

April 21, 2008

Facebook | Global Nomad Challenge

Tablet Hotels is sponsoring an interesting Facebook contest.

Test your knowledge of the world's most extraordinary hotels and win a free stay in a fabulous Tablet Hotel or a copy our Tablet 10: Top Ten New Hotels coffee table books. Earn entries for the weekly drawing by playing the daily challenges, and by inviting your friends to play.

Facebook | Global Nomad Challenge

April 19, 2008

Graham & Brown wallpaper at Target.

I didn't realize that Target now carries Graham & Brown, who makes beautifully-designed, high-end wallpapers. Target's, however, is much more reasonable than buying it at a design retailer.

I particularly love this mosaic tile wallpaper.

Graham & Brown Contour Mosaic Tile Wallpaper : Target

April 18, 2008

Save Polaroid.

On February 8, 2008, Polaroid Corporation announced that it will discontinue production of all instant film. This site will document the aftermath of this announcement and will serve as a home-base for the effort to convince another company to begin producing the cherished technology that Polaroid has so carelessly abandoned.

Save Polaroid - Save Instant Film

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Haircut Art.

What a funny concept.

Haircut Art by Aaron and Mandy Dietz is a series of portraits taken at a local SuperCuts and can be seen at Ritual in San Francisco. Don't miss the opening tomorrow between 6-9.

eli by aaron and mandy dietz : the beholder - a marketplace for artists

April 17, 2008

Fornasetti Rug Collection.

Love the pop drama of the images.

Fornasetti Rug Collection

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Great British Food poster.

Fantastic type on this one. (Click image for detail.)

Blanka || Great British food

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Another intellectual property infringement.

I'm always sad and disgusted to hear stories like this.

Last week a British illustrator called Jonathan Edwards informed me that he had come across a book that contained his illustrations along with other illustrators work. He contacted me because the book is also riddled with interviews that he recognized as being the interviews I conducted for the LCS.

Today I received a copy of the book (costing me $100) and to my horror it has plagiarized the art blog.

Apefluff : Colorful Illustrations 93�C - Please DO NOT buy this book!

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The Future Of Books.

Currently studying at the University of Brighton, designer/illustrator Kyle Bean recently finished this project, ‘The Future of Books’ out of an old charity-shop book.

KyleBean.co.uk - Portfolio

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April 16, 2008

Monte Carlo poster.

AllPosters.com really does have a kick-ass selection of vintage posters. I've had my eye on this one for awhile.

AllPosters.com - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store!

Ah, Banksy.

Just when I'd actually gotten a little tired of your hype, this kinda makes me love you all over again.

Despite being observed by CCTV cameras, elusive grafitti artist Baksy managed to create his latest - and biggest - work to date under the cover of darkness

Daily Mail: Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV | the Daily Mail

Bumped fliers could get $800.

Under the change announced Wednesday by Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, fliers who are involuntarily bumped would receive up to $400 if they are rescheduled to reach their destination within two hours of their original arrival time, or four hours for international flights, and up to $800 if their arrival is delayed longer.

Bumped fliers could get $800 - CNN.com

(Thanks, Mosey!)

Excellent infographic.

Yes - I know it's sad, but the graphic still made me laugh.

Thanks, CG for the excellent PSA. I will be sure to give my unwanted infants to nurses and fireman in the future. And I'll be sure to put a dress on beforehand.

Vintage coffee commercial.

You know, from back when women knew their place. And the girls at the office could make a decent cup of coffee. Hilarious.

Vintage sexist coffee TV commercial - Boing Boing

Thanks for the giggle, Bradley. :)