April 24, 2008

Just for carnivores.

Sorry, veggie readers. I love and respect you, but this is meat-related. Please avert your eyes.

La Cense Beef is offering 8 burgers (3 lbs) of grass-fed, free-range, naturally low-fat burgers for the price of shipping & handling ($12.99).

While I've always been skeptical of ordering perishable protein over the interweb, I just placed an order - for $4/lb, it seemed reasonable. (At their normal $8+/lb, it is not.)

I'll let you know if it knocks my socks off.

(And, no, this is not a paid advertisement, in case you're wondering.)

La Cense Beef : Promotions

(via GOOD magazine)


MamaBird said...

Love me some grassfed beef -- and I am *always* complaining that there are no good bargains or coupons to clip for crunchy folk. So thanks! Way over here in the East it'd be tough to justify the carbon tax of shipping from Montana when I've got Polyface nearby. But I will definitely give my friends in Bozeman a heads-up. Tx.

K said...

What a good deal-- and the perfect gift for my picky brother. I included a note that says "Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy the fancy hamburgers."