March 06, 2015

Happy Friday, kids!

Scarce posting because my week's been a bit bonkers. Thus – some bonkers GIFs to round out the week.

Hilarious Moving Sewing Pattern GIFs - Andrea's Notebook


February 19, 2015

Kudos to One Green Planet for good UX.

Is it really necessary for advertisers to take users hostage before allowing a user to get to content? No. One Green Planet has a lovely solution - their ads slide in from the lower right corner and play there, bringing attention to the ad while allowing users to see the content they want to see.

One Green Planet

February 18, 2015

James Baldwin tote to support Harlem Stage.

I'm a big fan of the Out of Print store. (Where else can you get an Isaac Asimov "I, Robot" shirt?) Thus, I have to give them a shout out for this fab James Baldwin promotion benefitting Harlem Stage.

We are pleased to donate $5 for each Go Tell It on the Mountain tote bag sold during February to Harlem Stage. Harlem Stage is a leading New York City performing arts center supporting the work of gifted artists of color.  In partnership with Columbia University School of Arts, New School/Vera List Center for Art and Politics, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and numerous other collaborators, Harlem Stage is presenting The Year of James Baldwin, a 14-month city-wide celebration.
James Baldwin tote to support Harlem Stage – Out of Print

(Special thanks to Carina for bringing Out of Print to my attention last year! Thanks, lady!)

February 17, 2015

Farenheit 451 book cover design by Elizabeth Perez.


Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. The story is about suppressing ideas, and about how television destroys interest in reading literature.I wanted to spread the book-burning message to the book itself. The book's spine is screen-printed with a matchbook striking paper surface, so the book itself can be burned.
Elizabeth Perez | Art Direction Design

(via Buzzfeed)

February 09, 2015

Superhero workouts.

I love the graphics for these workouts by Neila Rey. Nice job getting my attention for something I wouldn't normally even notice.

NR || Visual Workouts

(via Blood, Sweat & Cheers)

February 06, 2015

Darcy the Hedgehog.

OMG. No words.

Meet Darcy the Hedgehog |

(via swissmiss)

Cards Against Humanity’s Private Island.

Everything about Hawaii 2 makes me spectacularly happy. AND I want a sloth card.

We started by Googling, “how to buy a private island.” This told us that it was a) possible to buy a private island, and, b) in our price range. We tried calling some of the people listing their private islands for sale, but they were (as you might guess) crazy.

February 05, 2015

Luis Laplace farmhouse renovation.

If you think the exterior is intriguing, wait 'til you see the interior.

This is not your normal farmhouse renovation in the country. Luis Laplace designed the interiors with an experimental approach, resulting in a dualism of good and bad taste, new and vintage, art and design. 
...The farmhouse is devoted for guests, including artists installing changing exhibitions at the gallery. 
 Farmhouse Artists Studio by Luis Laplace | Trendland

February 04, 2015

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality | WIRED

This is a GREAT day for us denizens of the internet. An astonishingly passionate stance by the FCC. I'm blown away.

THANK YOU, Mr. Wheeler.

Using this authority, I am submitting to my colleagues the strongest open internet protections ever proposed by the FCC. These enforceable, bright-line rules will ban paid prioritization, and the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services. I propose to fully apply—for the first time ever—those bright-line rules to mobile broadband. My proposal assures the rights of internet users to go where they want, when they want, and the rights of innovators to introduce new products without asking anyone’s permission.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality | WIRED

Atomic aqua table lamp from CB2.

CB2's new mint collection is really fresh and fab, but this lamp is FANTASTIC. Gorgeous. I may ask my boss for a new desk lamp...

swoop, there it is. Low-profile steel sculpture contours hi-impact. Exaggerated contour of gleaming chrome base is punctuated by bright, oversized disc in fun play of proportions. Mod shade, powdercoated slick aqua with hi-gloss white interior, angles light where you need it.
atomic aqua table lamp | CB2

February 02, 2015

Papier-mâché silver deer head.

One of these days, I really need to get myself a big fake deer head. This would definitely do the trick.

Handmade in Haiti. As part of our collaboration with Port-au-Prince workshop Caribbean Craft, we worked with artisans in Haiti to create this silver-finish stag. Made from recycled materials, it brings a wild side to walls in the most responsible way.
Papier-Mache Animal Sculptures - Silver Deer | West Elm

January 30, 2015

Carry On Cocktail Kit

What a lovely way to bring civility back to cattle class flying – the Carry On Cocktail Kit. Tiny, cute, useful and TSA friendly.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to mix two proper Old Fashioned cocktails at 30,000 feet. Simply carry on your kit (don't worry, it will make it through security just fine), order a mini-bottle of bourbon, and use the custom combination bar spoon / muddler to mix in the included cane sugar and small-batch bitters.

Itty bitty Apple Mac Classic

It's adorable. And $10. That is all.

RabbitEngineering on Etsy

January 29, 2015

The Vipp Shelter

Wow. Since I'm not a huge fan of being out in the middle of nowhere, I'll just take one of these dropped on top of a building in London, thank you.

The Vipp Shelter is a minimalist prefab concept located in Copenhagen, designed by Danish design company Vipp. A 55 square meter steel object emerges in a rugged landscape framed by naked trees and a silent lake that mirrors in the sky frame window facade. 

(I have to say, though, I'm not a fan of the logo on the top. On a camper or temporary shelter, it wouldn't seem that intrusive, but, somehow, having it on top of a house-like structure seems wrong to me.)

The Vipp Shelter >>

(Specs are here)

(Thanks to Ryan for this one.) 

Orange Fox by Mark McGinnis

This is the perfect print to cheer me up on a dreary day. Lovely.

Although compositionally simple, each print is comprised of several parts—the graphic is screen-printed on 140 lb. arches watercolor paper, after which McGinnis fills the colored print with a hand-drawn line sketch, ensuring that no two prints are exactly the same. From there, the 100 percent cotton paper is mounted and framed in an ash wood frame. Each print in the series, like this Orange Fox, can be used on its own, or coordinated with other prints in the series to create a menagerie of wall art. Each limited edition print is exclusive to the Dwell Store and is signed on the left side of the print, and numbered on the right. 
 DWELL STORE: Orange Fox Framed Print - Menagerie Collection

January 21, 2015

Dessa || Sound The Bells (Official Video)

Dessa's 2010 release, A Badly Broken Code, is definitely one of my Desert Island Discs. Her newly released video for "Sound the Bells" just fans the fires of my admiration for her.

The song, foretelling a shipwreck, is augmented by images of underwater sculptures by English sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, located off Isla Mujeres, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Stunning.

Here's the premiere of Dessa's new music video where she swims among underwater statues | Public Radio International

January 08, 2015


Oh, Pentagram. You make good stuff.
(These are excerpts from their 2014 holiday card.)

The card's design is basic in contrast with the phrases and language it denounces. They've posted some images on their Flickr page, so flip through the seven verses - a cross between a Dr. Seuss book and a De La Soul track - and try to forget the time you used the word 'creovation' at the dinner table. – Veer: The Skinny

Pentagram: Gamechanger intro | Flickr 

January 06, 2015

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

 Such a lovely design.

Introducing the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. Our bold design and vintage sound are inspired by 1920s horn speakers. Its form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics— producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream nostalgia.

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone (via InsideHook)

December 10, 2014

The Little Prince looks REALLY good.

The domestic trailer hasn't been released yet but this French trailer had, and as you can see actual pages from the 1943 work The Little Prince in the trailer. And the actual "in the book" scenes are gorgeous. Can't wait to see where this goes; we did not expect this visual twist. 
io9: Little Prince Trailer Is Stunning And Not What We Expected