April 23, 2014

The Motivo Tour – a new walking aid/mobility product

I'm proud to say that my friend/one of my favorite people ever, Wiz, is involved in marketing this new user-centered product – The Motivo Tour – "an entirely new type of walking aid, designed to provide greater independence, ergonomics and style."

It was designed by two Wisconsin product designers, Jeremy Knopow and Jennifer Harris – and idea and effort prompted by their personal experience with loved ones who required mobility products. They wanted to address the ergonomic and practical challenges of today's archaic walkers to create a safer, more comfortable, more usable product without sacrificing the portability of today's lightweight walkers. They quit their jobs and spent three years and hundreds of hours researching and testing their design. The result is a lightweight product that allows users to walk more upright (not crouched over), more easily and safely reach doorknobs and objects on counters and shelves (without stretching over the device) and maneuver in tight spaces. They even allow for customization of the product exterior for a more personal, stylish walking aid  -- not something you find with today's aluminum frame/tennis ball walkers.

To get the project moving as quickly as possible, they're crowdsourcing initial production costs and hope to launch in the fall.

I'm happy to back this one and spread the word. If you know someone who needs walking support, you might want to check this out and consider backing it as well.

The Motivo Tour | Indiegogo

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