November 19, 2010

Grandma's Superhero Therapy.

This is fantastic on an absolutely epic level. Be sure to click through to see more pics.

A few years ago, French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't stop smiling.

Grandma's Superhero Therapy - My Modern Metropolis

(Thank you, Christyl! It made my day, too!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your blog!

Vir said...

Love the Isetta picture!!!!
Congrats for your blog! said...

Its wednesday, and that means, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

what an amazing blog!

Congrats and share the love :)


Kai Bakker said...
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Kai Bakker said...

Great photo's, With beautiful contrasts, between old and new, flying and not beeing able to walk and of course the beautiful rich colors.

sleppard said...

What amazing photos, glad they made his grandmother smile, they made me smile too. I love your blog, I too think there could be more cheese in this world!!

Anonymous said...

What a brillant post.

Loving the fact that a 91 year old grandma is in the pics. My own grandma died earlier this year and i could just imagine her laughing her head off looking at the pics.

So thanks a lot for helping me think of my grandma and making me smile.



PS I am loving that car.

Laura21 said...

Hihi. Very funny pics! Made me laugh a lot! It"s definitely a therapy that works on everybody!!!

Mancuspia said...

It's a great therapy and a fantastic way to create. Surely his grandmother never forgets that moment and she will smile every time she remembers, like us. I think I will copy this initiative. Thanks for the idea.
Mancuspia :-)

Anonymous said...

the hungarian grandma is super !:)
a great therapy for depression i guess !!! :)
dont u think?:)


Samoola22 said...

I love the choice of colours used in the "super suit." They're somehow reminiscent of days of yore, which seems to mirror the age of our new favourite super hero!

Leefke said...

The last picture is great!
Nice blog!

Lloydb3 said...

How did you get your Grandma to be so active? My Grandma is only 70, but acts as if she were 120. Cool concept and if you think of how I can get my granny away from the TV, let me know!!!

Yvonne Sedition said...

How do you suppose he got the shots where it looks like she's flying? These are great photos, I could never picture my granny going this but maybe she's just never had the chance!


gaja said...

These photos remind me of the statement by Groucho Marx:

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

andresfisterra said...

I need a Supergrandma NOW! When can I ask for one??

Lacitis said...

What a great idea! If more people would do things like that, world would be a happier place! Thank you, you made my day! Lacitis

maja131 said...

Loved the story & pics, I wanna be like her when I'm 91:)

Thanks for the inspiration & Keep sharing those happy thoughts!

Intan Citra said...

Heya I just simply love your Blog! i think you very creative and inspiring btw u post quiet a lot bout the cat. do you have one?

Anonymous said...

Arr! Awesome! Have a nice day there ;)

nierwen said...

I'ts hard to think that a lot of people doesn't care about old people, without knowing that the youngest it's not in the body, but in the spirit! Don't you think?
I love the pics!! Congrats!!

WendyH said...

Now that's something to make you smile the entire afternoon :)
Not surprised by grandma feeling very happy again!
Are there more of these works?

Best regards,


Nuala said...

Bridget, love your blog, especially as my grandkids think I'm a supergranny too. I need a bright and happy desiqual coat to shelter me from the cold Irish climate as well as the harsh, depressing economic climate. Budget day today, don't expect any happy news there, more doom and gloom - go on make my day and give me something to smile about it, reply to me as soon as possible. Love and peace - a supernanny in need. x Nuala

Melian said...

Well, every grand mum is a Kind of super hero, just think about it they cook, bake, clean, play with kids, and the house is always neat and the food always ready warm on the table! How they do that? They must be some kind of superhero right! So this is basically the secret life of grand mum, when you are not there they dress up and do wonders (not only in the oven!) Grand mum forever!!!! Do you agree??

Lacitis said...

I am watching the pictures again and again, it is so great. Btw how did you manage to take the pictures where grandma is flying?

frisgenoeg said...

Hey Bridget,

Very nice blog you have! First I thought is was my own grandma, because she is a SUPERHERO too!! My superhero. I only have to call her and she makes me happy. She never complains. Her age is 78, but you think she is 28, my age. She makes me HAPPY!

Keep up the posting!

Sun on your path. Happy days.


Unknown said...

I am charmed with the idea of the super grandmother the mia also super age but without comparison with this one
It continues this way

mariarinxols said...

We had to read some books about a supergrandma when I was in school! They were the best!! And these pictures would be the best ilustrations for them :) Congratulations with your blog :)

Thatgirl25 said...

Amazing Story! It just goes to prove that a smile goes a long way! Well done to the blogger to also bringing a smile to our faces - Great Idea!

cristina said...

Thanks to Desigual I knew about your blog and it’s just GREAT !!!
I won’t have any possibility to get a present from Desigual…. UNLESS you sent me a tiny little message with my name… Would you do that??? What are you waiting for?
Your blog has now a nice place in my favourites…!!!
Don’t forget be HAPPY !!!! Cheers !!!  Cristina 

Anidel said...

Oh well! How can she stop smiling in doing it while I can't stop smiling myself!!

I find it very unusual for people of a certain age to be "brave" enough to be involved in such crazy things.
For their time, for their ideals, their way of thinking that is absolutely different from ours!

In the end, it's said that times change, but sometimes, luckily, it's only the people that do change and for the better! :)

Thanks for sharing this, be happy and continue to smile!


LA_BISHI said...

Helloo! first, congratulations for these pictures, are fantastic! Have you taken these photos? I have laugh a lot with them, Have you got more blogs like this? gime me the links please! I hope you don´t stop make me laugh!
I wait for your answer, thanks for make me happy for 5 minutes!


Thatgirl25 said...

Amazing Story! It just goes to prove that a smile goes a long way! Well done to the blogger to also bringing a smile to our faces - Great Idea!

Samoola22 said...

I think this is a terrific and whimsical series of fotos! I particularly like the use of the sort of "retro" red in the superhero suit...

Such a sweet back story as well. I wonder what other work Sacha has done of a similar vein?

imwtje said...

Great photo's of super-granny.
They put a big smile on my face!
Can we watch the photo's at an exhibition somewhere in a gallery?

Have a nice day:-)

Unknown said...

I had a really bad day today, but those pictures and this story really made my day. I can not believe this grandma is such a HAPPY person. I would love to be like this some day. I guess I will have to start smile right away, so my children and grandchildren will know that smile and happiness are the most important things in life.
Congratulations for such a good blog.
And do not forget to be HAPPY an SMILING.

Tjasa Pogorevc

xxx said...

OMG that is so cool! I wish I had a super-grandma!
Does this artist has more work? Love to see other ideas from this great mind.


Idoia said...

This Grandmother seems like Supergran from the TV series in 1985!!!

Idoia Ramos

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB!!! I am so so amazing with this peactures.
Hugs and kisses from Spain. XXX MARTUCHI

Sylvia said...

what a great story and pictures. It really makes me happy! Do you know when the pics were taken and how old the car is? I would love to know!

sirena said...

Bridget, Great find with the photos. My grandmother can't fly but she can cook an amazing potato soup and of course it has cheese! Let me know which is you favorite hard or soft cheese and I'll give you the rest of the ingredients? By the way, I love the photo of Grandma stopping a green car!!!

ingrid said...

great job and so original!!!

Flyra said...

Oh my god. 8'D
I laughed out loud right here, this is just hilarious and amazing, how did you find out about this project? Keep up the great work!

Auro said...

It's great to find notebooks like yours.
HAPPY HAPPY HUNTERS. If you respond to this note I able to get a gift. Thanks for everything and happy day

Sore said...

All the Happy Grandma are Superheroes!!. Thanks for share!

kris050 said...

great awareness therapy! Love the story you posted with it, makes it a lot more intriguing especially in those days where people seem to forget the basics of life., but what's your personal interest in these pics?

fabi said...

Cool granny!!
as long as she is HAPPY!
Nevr stop smilling!
:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Heroic indeed! It's great she kindda' seems to be enjoying it... though, in regards to the photographer, do you know if she's been or still is exhibiting any of her works and where?

mlietor said...

Great! It reminds me a tv film I watched when I was a child "Super grandma" :)



Unknown said...

What a nice blog!
my roommate here in germany is from wisconsin, too.
maybe you both know each other? ;)

i am really in photography and i do like these Grandma's Superhero Therapy a lot!

do you have a homepage with a portfolio of your work? i am curious and would like to have a look at it.

apropos pandas:
never say no to panda is a great commercial:

you should have a look at it and write how do you like it!


Terry said...

These are some really interesting photos. Very artistic.
It cheers me up for a sleepy day!

thanks so much!!


Unknown said...

my email for your answer ;)

maarta6 said...

How did you find these photos ?
Oh my god, they are so hilarious!
It is astonishing that someone at that age acced to do that !

angelabl said...

hahahha, really amazing photos, and she seems so happy! how do you find the grandma?

Alyzapette said...

I am french and I have just dicovered your blog! Congratulations!
I love that pictures, and will look at my grandma very differently now!

JT said...

WOW that's the coolest blog I've seen all day! I bet the granny in those pics had alot fun doing the shoot, she's soo cool lol Keep up the good work, I love it! JT

Anonymous said...

I wish here was more poeple such a Sacha Goldberger ;-) He makes many of us happy.

MJacko92 said...

Aw man these pictures are boss! where did you get the inspiration to make these?

burbujilla said...

Nice photos, Do you know where Sacha Goldberger publish his work?

Unknown said...

vanessa said...

What a nice blog!
my roommate here in germany is from wisconsin, too.
maybe you both know each other? ;)

i am really in photography and i do like these Grandma's Superhero Therapy a lot!

do you have a homepage with a portfolio of your work? i am curious and would like to have a look at it.

apropos pandas:
never say no to panda is a great commercial:

you should have a look at it and write how do you like it!


the post is from desigual nessi vanessa was the wrong nikname ;(
sp please answer to nessi, ok?

Fida said...

Epic pics endeed, Very funny that one when she's lying on bed with that mini SuperMan, hahaha!

Margarita Plaza said...

I have a grandma like this! Long live grandmas!!
A greeting from Spain and thanks for sharing with us...


Marjorie said...

Such a great way to say to the old one that they care about them. I love the way she was photographied because make her invincible!!

Just perfect and beatiful!

Great post!!

witchblade1987 said...

How cool that a photoserie also changed her from being depressed to someone smiling :D Love them!

Portufraise said...

Wow, this is probably one of the most inspired ideas I've ever seen. It's so funny and epic and yet so incredibly touching! Thank you so much for sharing, it really brightened up my day. It does not do to sit around and be depressed, hum? No matter what age, just get up and do something wild and crazy to get your spirits up! I'm telling you, I'm no photographer, but I sure feel like calling my gradma up for a photoshoot of some kind :) It's brilliant! Did you get inspired to? ;)

ibe said...

my kind of a Granny!!!!
:))))) LOL

MCM said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BROTHER!!! Since España!!!

bb said...

Hey, lovely people -

I can't respond unless you give me your email address... :(

Sergio López Gaitán said...

Amaizing!!!! it's very funny!!! Good Job!!

dvdu said...

I recommend to take a view to antiheros blog... you will love it. I swear.

Golfinha said...

Great post this "Grandma's Superhero Therapy"...

My grandma is my star, the one I wanna follow, and she is a really superhero to me... Always there when I need!!

Hope to be someone's superhero too, one day... ;)

Keep posting great stuff like this one... I loved it!!

Great imagination... Great sense of humor...

Hope your inspiration keeps up my expectations for future posts... :D

Keep up that good work... Golfinha.

Anonymous said...

at least she is not taking any anabolics :P. Keep it clear granny

Anonymous said...

at least she not taking any anabolics... Keep it clear granny :P

Unknown said...

Old people and there therapy :) I whish all the old people over the world will do this therapy! Than we have a save lovely pleace to live! And the old people have a better thing to do. In the hospital where i work the old people are sad and have no fun things to do.
Make the old people happy and introduce a grandma's/granddad's superhero therapy school!
I love is!
Lot of love Judith

MVG said...

I want you to have a beautiful day. And my message to draw a big smile on your lips.

Mister Dront said...

Eh, what's up here today??? A bit completely overcrowded!

Typewriter said...

Wow! those photos are really funny :D i guess it took awhile to do :)

Pix said...

Aww :) These photos are an inspiration to us all! I'd like to be a superhero grandma! What would be your ultimate granny power?! :D Love from Pix xx

bb said...


Thank you for stopping by and for explaining what this whole thing is about. I was completely baffled by my in box this morning!

:) bb

bb said...


Please pass on the following to your roommate - Go, Badgers!

Thanks for stopping by!

bb said...


I'm rooting for you - I hope you get your coat!

peace and happies - bb

bb said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I appreciate it!


Vivian Benitez said...

This is a great therapy, I love the pics and I think this grandma is super and she shouln´t fell depressed.

vivianb said...

Great blog, i love it!!


Happy Hunters

debsfz said...

I think it's amazing how you keep managing to find things like these. The story, and these pictures are superb! Especially like the last one.

Do you know if I can find prints for sale?


Yvonne said...

Wow, that is a great series of photo's!
It certainly brightened my day, browsing the internet after coming home from work.

Where did you find this? Have a lovely day/evening!


Lalou77 said...

Hi!! Congratulations and happyness for your blog...But, gran-Ma existed really!!! i wanted the same clothes!! ;-) Thanks, Lalou77

Abbey Longlegs said...

Your blog is awesome, i love it! this granny is just TOO COOL.
ive got a blog myself actually but its not half as good as yours! if i can work out how to use blog lovin i'll follow you on it. whats your name on there? or is it the same? these things confuse me >_<
brilliant therpy much? love this post, and it seems very popular
( im not suprised, your blog is generally fabulous. )

with love n hugs
Abbey Longlegs

Arakne said...

Beautiful post!! I hope than when I´m old has the same energy and overflow the same happiness that this woman!
Happy day!!

Littleanna said...

This shows you are NEVER too old for silver leggings!! Went to watch car racing recently, and some of the drivers were grannies. When I'm old, I'm going to be a racing driver!! Hehe x

marijo said...

Where can I buy a poster???
I like it!! Be happy happpy my find!!
I like your work!!
And it´s so nice to be a happy hunter !!
Thanks for your reply!! I would like to give the present to my girlfriend for christmas!!

Helly said...

Hi - I am going to send this link to my mother-in-law who is soon going to give up driving and so thinks she may have to give up on life too. thanks for sharing the affirmation. Love the Mr Spock plate too - wish I could get one for my trekkie hubby - where did you find it? Can I ask whether ' information architect' is a profession or an interest? Helly UK

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhhh!! This is very funny!!

Sorry for my bad english..I'm spanish and now I'm going to English's class!! jijij!!

So I can practice my English!!!

Your work is fantastic!! very well!!

I hope you answer me because I love to have one of those winter coats!! Pleaseee!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.... it's so amazing. Still wonder how the Photographer convinced the Grandma to do all those shoots. She has good stamina and imagination for 91 years old!

Goth_Angel said...

Hahaha it's really funny! I love this grandma i don't imagine my grandma like a superhero hahaha

My grandma could be Batgirl and my grandpa Robin hahahaha Or not, better, like Kick-Ass hahaha

Do you imagine your parents like a superheros???

Kisses from Spain!!!

Duffee said...

It reminds me of 'Super Gran', wondering if that's inspired you to post these photos?

Nice work!! :))

Duffee said...

It reminds me of 'Super Gran', wodering if that's inspired you to post these photos?

Nice work!! :))

Ice-Angel said...

hahaha this is just great, love these funny pics :-D
X Ice-Angel

janil said...

hahahahha, it's really funny!!!!!!

Thanks for making me smile!!!

Demaine said...

Love the idea! It is so nice that Sacha did this to make someone feel better!
He could be onto something, I can almost see the movie concept now; Super-Grandma - You'll Believe Your Grandma Can Fly! What do you think?

porfin396 said...

great is amazing and enjoy whit is grandmother too many people see our grandmother and i think that is a relity by everyday.
by this

Mary said...

Hello! How funny! like father like son! wonderful grandmother! I hope the dog does not pull on his leash because flies! I do not imagine washing your car! "You'll get the umbrella? Happy day to all. E_Mary25 Saluditos

Anonymous said...

I love it! I did laught too loud when I saw it!
BTW, what does means "bb" fom bb-blog?

Big hug!

En Busca del Hada Azul said...

Great idea. It's very original. A new way of entertaining people. I would like to be a supergirl and kill bad boys..

emmy.emmy said...

A Big WOW from out the Netherlands!

Beautiful cool pictures. Nice colors and supercool idea!
Has a nice message too.. Even if your older you can be super!
So many people are afraid to get older, but these show them that you can be a superwoman no matter what age!

Thank you for that!

Where did you find these photo's?

Hada del Valle said...

BB, yo tambien quiero esa terapia, quiero ser una abuela happy y desigual cuando llegue el momento, please, can you help me? LOL


Peej2000 said...

I'm loving the Super Gran pics. Especially the one on the treadmill.
That'll make me laff all afternoon as I show it to everyone around the office.

ollygirl said...

haha this is brilliant, i bet she'll remember it for the rest of her life :) how did you find out about this? itd be a great scheme for lonely pensioners

Azura said...

Now that's a great idea t make someone enjoy life again! Even at that age.
keep up the good work of making people smile and happy!

Beditilla said...

I love energetic people like this grandma! I can imagine how funny it should be creating and taking the pictures! Don't you think so?
Regards from Spain

Unknown said...

Hi BB, I love the Super Granny pictures. I showed them to my kids and they couldn't stop laughing.
I love the one where she stops the little car. And the one where she eats a "hotdog". Brilliant!
By the way, what is an information architect?
greetingz from cheese country Holland... :-)
mibo (&kidz)