February 08, 2011

The evolution of toys.

Sometimes our leaps in technology just sort of mesmerize me.



Mattel See 'n Say vintage toy photo by j_pidgeon.

Speak, Piggy! app by A Modern Eden.


Angela Riechers said...

The most awesome thing about the 70's See and Say was if you pulled the string and then put it face down on the floor, the whole thing would revolve while talking in a muffled voice into the carpet. Cracked my 2 sisters and me up, every time. Poor mom.

Bridget (aka BB) said...

YES! You can't do that with an iPhone, man.

Carol | Cool Postcard Designs said...

Indeed - big difference because of technology in just 3 decades. I wonder how will it look like 20-30 years from now.

J. Melissa said...

In 20-30 yrs from now, maybe we'll just "beam" a real cow, holograph-style, into our living room to hear what sound it makes.

Sarah said...

I bought the Speak, Piggy! app after seeing your post. I love it.