February 08, 2011

Indulgence Chocolatiers.

A little local love here for Indulgence Chocolatiers, made right here in The MKE. (I got mine at Beans & Barley, if you're local and interested.)

But first - a confession. I ate a $6.75 chocolate-with-sea-salt bar in one sitting last night. I'm not proud that I did it, but it was was all, "Oh, hey - I'm supersmooth chocolate with salty little crystals that pop into the sweet melty chocolate in your mouth." And I was all, like, "DAMN you. I'm powerless against your sweet and savory wiles." (Except way more muffled because I had a mouth full of chocolate.)

And now that I know they have espresso/limoncello truffles (WHAT?), I'm almost terrified. Buy some of this crack for someone you love. Free shipping until 2/11.

Every morsel of chocolate offered by Indulgence Chocolatiers is meticulously handcrafted in our Milwaukee area kitchen. Our use of the finest imported Belgian chocolate gives our delicacies their rich flavor and smooth texture. As delicious as they are beautiful, our chocolates are sure to impress even the most sophisticated palate.

Indulgence Chocolatiers - Gift Boxes and Corporate Gifts

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Rebecca said...

I am a longtime (as in years-long) lurker of your wonderful blog, and the sea salt chocolate bar has finally pulled me out of the ether to say this: I, too, have eaten a chocolate-with-sea-salt bar in one sitting, and it was life-changing. How I had survived prior to experiencing velvety melting chocolate with crunchy salty bits in my mouth AT THE SAME TIME, I will never know.

Great post, fantastic blog.

bb said...

Awww. Thanks, Rebecca! I feel better now. (I'm smiling as I'm typing this.) And thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to lurk or say hi any time.

Ciara said...

I, too, am powerless to the chocolate and salt combo. I also am helpless when caramel is in the mix. I love the Gray Salt caramels from Franz Chocolates in Seattle, WA: http://www.franschocolates.com/store/home.php?cat=2

One good hook-up deserves another!

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