October 30, 2007

Night Clock by George Nelson.

FYI - Should I ever decide to spend almost $400 on a clock, I will buy a George Nelson Night Clock. In fact, I'll buy one for every room in my house. Why? Because I love this clock. And because I'll be a gazillionaire. I will need $400 clocks in every room in my house. And I will hire homeless people at a good wage to polish them every day. I will be a kind and giving gazillionaire with $400 clocks in every room in my house. The End.

Night Clock by George Nelson :: Lumens Light + Living


Joe said...

Ahhh... The American dream... a car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, a freshly-polished 400 dollar Nelsontastic clock in every room.

BB - "Excuse me.. yes... your name?"

Well-Paid Homeless Person - "Uh.. E-Edward?"

BB - "Yes, Edward. We polish with our towels and not with our shirttails, don't we?"

ED - "Oh! Y-yes... begging your pardon, Lady BB!"

BB - "No trouble. Here's another $400. Just reorder another clock. You know what? Here's $800. get one for your room as well!"

ED - "O-oh.. well, I already have 14 in my room, Lady BB, but thank you kindly."

BB - "Oh, who can have enough of these, honestly... Go on now! Clocks are a-ticking!"

BB said...

Ha! Exactly!