March 15, 2010

44 sq m house in Tokyo.

Crazy small and pretty.

Located near the center of Tokyo, Reflection of Mineral is a modern 480 sq ft (44 sq m) house designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

Toxel: Modern Compact House in Tokyo

(via SEGD blog)


Kate said...

Oh my, this is crazy amazing. A re-post may be on the cards... Thanks BB!!

Zana Fauzi said...

I love small houses. They keep guests away :P

@GoozOfTheBX said...

This is poppin! Makes me not mind startin off with a studio apartment. Although I doubt I could find one that looks like this on the outside. I would like to creatively hook up the the apt.

evilcatbert said...

How can I find a place like this - how cool.

AFD said...

Someone grab a mop - there seems to be drool all over my floor

JAMES said...

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Renato Arrigo said...

25 sq.