July 06, 2008

Bewildering Logo.

This made me laugh.

What the heck is it? My best guess is a smiling fish head. See the bulging eyes? The fins? The cartoonish smile? Others I have shown it to have seen a Koala and a crab.

The answer is here: Metropolis POV :: Bewildering Logos Dept.


MARV said...

Wha? You mean you don't see it?? Gah!

gigi said...

CLEARLY this is a dog with one floppy ear who has two Easter eggs raining down on him. Jeez.


czeltic girl said...

Oh, dear. I actually saw it for what it was supposed to be.

I think my brain needs a good talking to.

Gemini said...

I guessed right. Is that good or bad?

ksklein said...

I guessed the right thing too.

Leneae said...

i knew what it was immediately; i think i've lost my imagination!