June 07, 2008

Bloom: peddling green.

Sweet and funny product design proposal.

The Bloom device is meant to be a subversive and inspirational tool for our concrete jungles. Similar to the tuft of a dandelion as the wind carries the seedling, we propose a way of dispersing seedlings with bubbles and bicycling. Seeds are co-mingled with a bubble mixture and upon pedaling to your destination , you release the floating seeds which land in cracks and crevices throughout the city streets. Over time, the seeds grow into flowers and plants to create a green "fringe" to our sidewalks and streets.

DESIGN 21: Competitions

(via inhabitat)


Jen said...

As a property owner I'd be frustrated if the seeds from a passer-by's bike took root in my yard or garden - flowers or no flowers. It's littering. I don't mind the bubbles - they're fun, but I'd nix the seeds.

Alya said...

I love the idea of seeing bubbles floating around the streets..

As for the seeds, I don't know if it is technically acheivable. I don't think the flowers would last on a sidewalk full of pounding feet.

I'd love to see it happen though.

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE that! even just the bubbles are amazing.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Much as I sympathize with this project and enjoy the playful, imagination behind the concept, I must ask: Do we really need more soapy, sudsy residue leeching into the water and earth?