February 23, 2008

Political typefaces.

For all you type geeks out there. This made me laugh.

Hillary's snooze of a serif might have come off a heart-healthy cereal box, or a mildly embarrassing over-the-counter ointment; if you're feeling generous you might associate it with a Board of Ed circular, or an obscure academic journal. But Senator McCain's typeface is positively mystifying: after three decades signifying a very down-market notion of luxe, this particular sans serif has settled into being the font of choice for the hygiene aisle.

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

(via Design Observer)

p.s. I have to congratulate H&FJ. Three months ago, I had no idea who they were. Now, it seems like every time I turn on online corner, there they are.

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