January 09, 2008

Vinyl Art.

Nostalgic and cool. A great present for a music lover.

SoCal native Daniel Edlen's reverence for music goes way past simply collecting records: he rescues vinyl that's scratched beyond playability and paints acrylic portraits of the artists –- like Ray Charles, Lou Reed or Janis Joplin -- on each LP's surface. It’s a gambit that could so easily be cheesy (in an Elvis-on-velvet sort of way) but instead manages to be completely cool. - getTRIO.com

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen - Online Gallery

(via getTRIO.com)

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Robert Benson said...

I, too have been awestruck with this talented artist and actually interviewed him and found him to be humble, friendly and well spoken...it is a great and marvelous thing he is doing for vinyl, art and music. Check out the article here: