January 08, 2008

SilverCrow Creations.

I think I've posted about this store before, but it's worth repeating. SCC is like a great flea market. Cheap. Loads of completely random stuff. And a bad interface so you have to pick around to find the treasures. (Totally worth it.)

Crafty stuff? Check. Folk art? Truckloads. Jewelry? Yup. Religious stuff? In abundance. Kitschy crap? Don't get me started. Do you need any of it? Of course not, but you'll still want it.

Here are a few of their new goodies: Happy Go Lucky coin purse, Accounting pennant, St. Lazarus crutch charm, Day of the Dead Elvis figure.

SilverCrow Creations - Sundries & Specialties

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gigi said...

OMG BB i love this site. what an awesome place to go hunting - thanks for the post!!