February 17, 2007

"Debut Novelist Revolts Against Book Cover"

I don't care what this book is about, I'll buy it because the author stood up for the integrity of his book's jacket.

James Bernard Frost wasn't happy with the cover St. Martin's Press came up with for his debut novel, World Leader Pretend (seen at left)—and that was after he'd already asked for a redesign. "The novel is set on Earth and is about computer gamers," Frost lamented on his blog. "Why have a sci-fi cover on a book that isn't sci-fi?" Once it became clear that their decision was final, Frost decided to take matters into his own hands, hiring artist Dave Warnke to create a vinyl sticker to slap on the trade paperback (right) . In addition to being waterproof and colorable, this version pleases Frost because it includes several characters from the story, including "the Two-Headed Boy, the Fire-Breathing Dragon, the Electric Baby, and even the Saguaro That Says 'Good!'"

A publicist for St. Martin's had no comment when asked about the house's reaction to Frost's actions.

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(From my favorite friend-I-haven't-met-yet's blog, A Fuse #8 Production. Girl, you're a wonder. I'm just sayin'...)

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