March 20, 2014

Barbie Medieval Armor by Jim Rodda.

I think I've already grumbled about my miserable experience of trying to buy Barbies and Barbie accessories that portray Barbie in a positive, strong, smart, realistically career-oriented way -- so I won't grouse about that again. I'll just give this Kickstarter campaign some love.

I can't pony up the $200+ dollars to actually get the final product, but I'm throwing some money at the campaign in the hope that Mattel will notice this guy's effort to create bad-ass Barbie gear.

Also - this suit of armor is awesome and wicked lovely.

Finally - Jim Rodda, the designer/creator, is from Wisconsin, my home state. This makes me very, very happy.
The inspiration for this armor came, indirectly, from my four-year-old
niece. I wanted to print something unique for her next birthday, and so
decided to design and engineer a pair of My Little Pony-compatible
glitter cannons. (Note to self: next Kickstarter should involve My Little Pony-compatible glitter cannons.)

Moving parts and springs can be tough to do at this level of 3D
printing, and after a few test prints I became frustrated and fell back
on my usual method for generating new ideas: drinking three lattes and
taking a hot shower.

Midway through my fourth latte, the idea to create 3D printed armor for Barbie sprang from my head, fully formed. 
Faire Play: Barbie-Compatible 3D Printed Medieval Armor by Jim Rodda / Zheng3 — Kickstarter  (via Incredible Things)

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