February 13, 2013

It's World Radio Day.

Confession: I am a huge radio nerd.

I was a radio junkie from a young age - listening to AM radio when I was growing up in tiny Horicon, Wisconsin. Now I listen to NPR's Morning Edition every morning; BBC Radio 4 Extra radio drama, mystery and sci fi plays while doing the dishes; and BBC World News before bed. I'm completely addicted to the TuneIn radio app that allows you to listen to radio from anywhere in the world (including one from Antarctica!).

So, I am celebrating World Radio Day with gusto and gratitude for all the joy and information radio adds to my life. I hope you are as well.

Radio has to be recognized as a low-cost medium, specifically suited to reach remote communities and vulnerable people: the illiterate, the disabled, women, youth and the poor, while offering a platform to intervene in the public debate, irrespective of people's educational level. Furthermore, radio has a strong and specific role in emergency communication and disaster relief. There is also a changing face to radio services which, in the present times of media convergence, are taking up new technological forms, such as broadband, mobile and tablets. However, it is said that up to a bllion people still do not have access to radio today.  (source)

World Radio Day | UNESCO

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