February 20, 2012

SALE: Hans Wegner "Presidential Debate" Round Dining Arm

$149 is an astonishing price for a Wegner chair. If you want one, hurry – that price is only available today.

In 1960, the TV company CBS bought twelve copies of the chair for the first live broadcast of an election debate; between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. It was Kennedy who requested this chair; he wanted a comfortable chair for his aching back. 70 million people watched the Wegner chair on live broadcast and it was even mentioned in the newspaper election reports the day after. A compact dining chair that can also be stacked. The lower back support and horizontal seat also make the chair suitable for working at a table or desk. The unique seat base, made from a solid American Walnut provides exceptional stability without crosspieces between the legs.

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Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase it? I am a furniture maker, and this is my favorite, and most inspirational chair.