January 20, 2012

NY Tenants’ Rights Flash Cards by Candy Chang.

I love Pinterest because it helps me find things like this. An oldie, but classic.

Candy lived in five apartments over the course of eight years in New York City, and after sketchy incidents with landlords and hearing horror stories from others, she realized many renters are unfamiliar with their rights. What’s my landlord required to repair? How does subletting work? When can my landlord enter my apartment? What are grounds for eviction? To help demystify the law, she collaborated with non-profit organization Tenants & Neighbors to design a boxed set of 30 flash cards on tenants’ rights. The flash cards translate New York’s official Tenants’ Rights Guide into a fun and friendly format that covers everything from security deposits and subletting to paint and privacy so residents can have fun while learning their rights. They’re available for $10 in Tenants & Neighbors’ online store and all profits go towards their good work. It’s an empowering gift for anyone in New York state!

Tenants’ Rights Flash Cards :: Candy Chang

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