April 21, 2011

BITBOTS! (Updated)

Update: Roy Barazini, the creator of Bitbots (and a fellow UXer!), just sent me a note with some updated pics of his Bitbots. So fab. Check 'em out.

Babylonian Kingdom is an orderly and organized place: a city where well-programmed BITBOTS live a calculated life. Their ruler, BIGBOT, has ordered them to build a never-ending tower, as part of Babylon's eternal quest to rule the sky.

BITBOTS work perfectly and predictably, spending their days and nights building and behaving as good robots should.

One day, as a result of a mysterious mishap in the manufacturing process, something went off-bit.

Some of the BITBOTS began expressing themselves in an unusual way, revealing new personality, daydreaming and questioning their leader's orders. Life in Babylon was disrupted. BIGBOT was not pleased.

In a fit of rage he declared these BITBOT rejects "OFFBITS", and exiled them from the Babylonian Kingdom to fend for themselves in human society.

Now, with nothing but their human-like malfunctions, these OFFBITS search for a human adopter, to take them in and let them continue to express themselves in a new world.


(Thank you, Debbie Glasserman!)

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Debbie said...

Ha! Glad you liked it.