March 11, 2011

UPDATED: TED Prize Winner JR Makes Wish, Needs Your Help

UPDATE: I'm uber-geeked that the partners at my company have agreed to donate one of the walls of our building to this project, and the project coordinators are interested. They're going to contact me next week to discuss it. I'd be so psyched to bring some large scale public art to downtown Milwaukee. Lots of hoops to go through (neighborhood association, etc.), but I'm gonna see if I can do it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it all works out, will you?

This is SO cool.

JR's wish was revealed at the TED conference this Wednesday and it's a project called Inside Out. Anyone can upload a photograph of him or herself, a family, a group, etc. Once that's done, JR and his team will turn them into large posters and send them back to you with the hope that you will display the photograph in public. Whether or not this is done with permission, or in JR's guerilla/graffiti style, is up to you.

TED Prize Winner JR Makes Wish, Needs Your Help - JPG News

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