February 23, 2011

20x200 Gift Certificate - $100 for $59

As a fan of both 20x200 and One King's Lane, I thought I'd post this.

One Kings Lane - 20x200 Gift Certificate, $100 for $59

btw - One King's Lane membership is free. It's like Groupon for house-y stuff.
If you join (which means getting their daily sales email), I'd love it if you used me as your referral source by double clicking on this here hot link.


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Hi there! I used your email as a referral when I signed up- it seemed the link at the bottom of your post didn't work... Hope that was okay! Thanks for the post- some good deals in there.

bb said...

Thanks, Krissy! I appreciate the referral and the heads up that the link was broken. Hope you find some good deals. I got a great deal on some Denyse Schmidt quilts myself. :)

nancy said...

I subscribed, but decided to unsubscribe since the merchandise was too pricey for me, and their emails were too frequent. I have tried several times to unsubscribe, but I continue to get daily emails from them. Not cool.