June 30, 2010

Bobble water bottle.

bobble is a stylish, patented reusable, water bottle that filters water as you drink. Bobble's filter removes chlorine and contaminants from municipal tap water giving you the experience of drinking crisp, clean portable, filtered water that has a cleaner, crisper taste and meets NSF International Standard 42 (the standard that governs public and private drinking water). bobble is made from recycled plastic and is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. A single bobble filter equates to at least 300 water bottles, which helps the environment more than a single-serve bottled water and without incurring the significant costs – environmental and monetary – associated with plastic water bottles.

Bobble Water

(Thanks, Anna!)


Anonymous said...

I love the concept but in reality I am sorely disappointed.
There is a large design fault with the bottles and getting air back in through the filter so actually drinking from the bottle is a real effort.
They are really expensive too... and the filters are £6 a pop!!

Don't rate them... sorry!

Anonymous said...

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