January 04, 2010

Eames plywood dining chair.

This is a great price for one of these chairs - $175.

The Plywood Dining Chair was designed in 1946 by Charles and Ray Eames and was hailed by Time Magazine as the Best Design of the 20th Century. The chair is in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Designed to comfortably fit the body, the sculpted form of the molded plywood chairs are produced using thin sheets of lightweight veneer gently molded into curved shapes with natural rubber shock mounts to absorb movement. A truly comfortable chair that is suitable for businesses and homes.

Advanced Interior Designs - Molded Plywood Dining Chair-Natural


drollgirl said...

that is an EXCELLENT price!!!

Chair Blog said...

Ha a fellow Chair lover!

kim said...

You've just made my day! Was wondering why I couldn't find the right kitchen chairs at Ikea. It's because these were waiting for me. Do you know if this is a reputable company (the distributor, not Eames)?

BTW, have been enjoying your blog since the world's cutest halloween costume.

bb said...

Oh, I hear you. These chairs are fab. We have a lot of them at work and they're really comfy and beautiful.

I actually don't know anything about the company. I'd say if you buy them, just put them on a credit card. If the company doesn't come through, you can dispute the charge, and your credit card will credit you back and take it up with the company.

Thanks for reading!

studiosmith said...

These are reproductions, not a real Eames classic. Maybe you knew that. If not, and you don't mind not buying the original copyrighted version, have at it. I enjoy your blog and just thought I would say this for anyone who was wondering.

Unknown said...

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