October 06, 2009

Possibly the funniest baby costume I've ever seen.

UPDATE 10.10.09 – Aww. I just heard from Lobster Baby's papa, Dennis Millette:

I saw your post on inkwellbookstore.blogspot.com, and I know exactly who the lucky baby is since I am the lucky baby's father. The photo was taken at a costume contest a few years back near our home in Sacramento. I can assure you that while she doesn’t fit in the pot anymore, she is just as cute as ever

The Inkwell Bookstore Blog: The Monday Menagerie: Literary Costumes for the Lil Ones


Jay Spear said...

Thanks, you have given me and my circle of friends great joy today with this photo. - @jayspear - twitter

Joanna Goddard said...

too cute, i want to eat him up :)

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