October 18, 2009

The Guardian Necklace.

This necklace is composed of a large genuine aspen leaf that has been plated in sterling silver and paried with a more petite aspen leaf that has been plated in 24K gold.

This necklace is very long (31 inches) and can wither be worn as is, where the leaves will dangle just above your belly, or, you can easily double up the chain around your neck and wear it as a multi stranded piece for added interest. Versatile and oh so stylish!

The large silver leaf measures about 2 inches and the smaller is about 1 inch. (May vary SLIGHTLY from piece to piece due to the nature of the product)

The Guardian Necklace Genuine Large Sterling Aspen by briguysgirls


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The details of this jewelry looks so real, I like the combination of gold and silver, it’s very beautiful.

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It looks very enchanting. It looks divine. I love the design it’s like wearing Mother Nature’s jewelry gift.

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