August 24, 2009

Low-Rise. A city of staples.

I'm mesmerized by this.

Low-Rise 2006

Staples and mirror

Low-Rise is a precarious assemblage of thousands of free-standing stacks of staples densely tessellated to create a city-like mosaic. Like a city, the staples are subject to the elements, on a micro scale. The slightest breath or vibration and the domino effect kicks in.

Peter Root: Low-Rise 2006

(via Chris Glass)


Dorkys Ramos said...

That's pretty creative. I wonder how long it took.

Kate said...

Wow - the concept that it could all falls to pieces freaks me out! But it looks spectacular. Lovely find - thank you!

Kate said...

'fall' to pieces. Sorry. (That's probably why I'd be bad at staple buildings: my fingers are not to be trusted!)

Anonymous said...

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