March 04, 2009

shopSCAD: Wings by Clifton Henri.

I'm completely in love with this photo.

Shop SCAD :: Clifton Henri

BTW - If you're ever lucky enough to tool around Savannah, be sure to stop at the shopSCAD store on Bull St. One word of caution: don't expect low prices just because the artwork is by students. Most of the artwork was well out my my price range, but still worth browsing and enjoying.


glass said...

I'm with you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

BB said...

That makes me happy, Chris, because I think that about SO much of the stuff on your site. Yay!

suzi said...

Thank you for finding and sharing this! The chosen photo is excellent and powerful.

Marie-Eve said...

Cute cute cute. Makes me smile.

clifton henri said...

awesome... i'm glad you guys dig my work... you can see more @