March 09, 2009

Photoshoot at casa swissmiss.

I can't tell you how geeked I am that my long-distance roommate, swissmiss, and my home-away-from-home in Brooklyn are going to be in Apartment Therapy's upcoming Small Spaces book. I'm talking big sister proud here, folks. Girlfriend is a constant wonder to me. Congrats, T!

We had an exciting morning here at casa swissmiss. Maxwell of Apartment Therapy showed up with his fabulous team to photograph our place for their upcoming Small Spaces Book. Very exciting. Ella was a total ham and played along nicely. Maxwell’s team was delightful and consisted of Jim Franco, the photographer, Kan Kanbayashi, Joe Maer and Ben Weber. A delightful team and a fun way to spend one’s morning. Can’t wait for the book to come out!

swissmiss | Photo shoot at casa swissmiss

p.s. I hope they got my favorite coffeemaker in the world in those photos. And the heavenly shower. And Gary, my long-distance roommate-in-law!


Victoria Thorne said...

this is enchanting...both the shoot and your excitement about it! made my day. must share it over at artbookschildren, because it is virtual ray of sunshine...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

You my lady, are a true friend. Thank you for the happy shout out! swissmiss

Joanna Goddard said...

fabulous! very exciting!