October 05, 2008

This Table Will Self-Destruct from Studio 1a.m.

This table will self-destruct. The top of the table is structured as a grid of concrete pixels. Each time a new table is produced, one pixel is removed from the design. Following these rules of self-destruction, the shape becomes more intricate as it diminishes. This project converges elements of mass production and handmade craftsmanship, resulting in a limited series of entirely unique tables that will end when the shape is no longer practical.

Total pixels currently removed: 25

Supermarket - This Table Will Self-Destruct from Studio 1a.m.


AnnaK said...

hmmm. I wonder if they let you choose which pixel to eliminate. that would be pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

We love it when people find things they like at Supermarket, and we really appreciate it when they spread the word.

Best wishes from Brooklyn,