May 17, 2008

You Look Nice Today: THE JOBBOTRON 5

Answer the 5 simple questions below. Be as brief as possible. Submit the answers to ylnt.requests at gmail. JOBBOTRON will reply with the only possible career you should even consider pursuing.


1. What jungle animal would make your ideal bridge partner? (Do not explain.)

2. If time travel were possible (it is not), what year would you travel to?

3. Abraham Lincoln, Desi Arnaz, and Bill Gates enter an IHOP men’s room at the same time. In what order do they come out? (Keep it classy, this is the International House of Pancakes we’re talking about.)

4. Matte or glossy?

5. (a) How many jelly beans are you imagining holding in your hand right now? (b) How about now?

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