March 10, 2008

Mighty Organized.

Jenny Rushizky, an old pal of mine, just mailed me about her professional organizer business. It sounds fab, so I gotta give her a little bloggity love here.

If you're up to your ears in paperwork, to-do lists and cluttered closets, do yourself a favor - give her a call. (Aside from wicked organizing skills, it'll be worth it just to hear her laugh. It's lovely.)

Find strength and reduce stress through organization

From closets and kitchen cupboards to basements and garages, I can help you minimize clutter, maximize available space and develop the skills to stay organized.

Mighty Organized |


mish said...

dear bb,

when i was living in sarajevo, i found your blog via swissmiss. i'm now in milwaukee (where i grew up) and am still reading.

i have a question regarding your work. is there a way of contacting you?


BB said...

Milwaukee to Sarajevo to Milwaukee? Damn, girl...

Feel free to drop me a line at bbutch02 at

- bb