February 09, 2008

Art Bars.

I'm a big fan of Art Bars, organic chocolate bars that have little art cards in them. 10% of Art Bar proceeds are donated to arts advocacy programs. Mmmm. Educational and delicious.

Shea Hembrey's "Mirror Nests" is one of Art Bar's featured pieces. I'll bet it was a beautiful installation.

Mirror Nests (installation detail, Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy, Ithaca, NY), embossed aluminum strips, 2007

Ithaca Fine Chocolates :: Art Gallery


Anonymous said...

i like it here!

Anonymous said...

yes indeed.. Art Bars! yum. And I have been an Art Bar fan for some time now, but only recently learned that they are the first Fair Trade certified chocolate company in the US. Not only that, I was shocked to learn that their chocolate is 100% fair trade... In other words, many chocolate makers will put one or two bars out with the certification and try to sell their whole brand as being such. Personally, I was a bit saddened to learn that that I was not supporting FT bars when I thought I was....I guess one has to pay real close attention.

BB said...

Thanks for the insight. I'm always sad to hear about companies slipping on "organic" or "fair trade" labels through less-than-honest practices. But it's a good thing to know and pay closer attention to. (Yay for Art Bars!)