November 02, 2007

City of Light silhouettes.

Parisian natives Emmanuel Desormeaux and Jérémie Scart loved the wall-decal trend but wanted something a little less mod, a little more classic -- something that brought the best of their city to a wall near you.

Paristic, their just-born line of "urban stickers," turns the most classic City-of-Light icons into wall silhouettes: the Metro sign, a 17th-century streetlamp, the Sacre Coeur's dome looming through a jumble of rooftops and chimney stacks.

The vinyl decals each come in nine colors, and with prices ranging from 48 to 114 Euros (the site's in French, but easy to decipher if you don't parle), they're far cheaper than a flight to France. - Stickers vinyle de décoration d'intérieur

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