October 24, 2007

Urban disguise to combat crime.

Although street crime is relatively low in Japan, many Japanese say they feel growing anxiety about safety. Ms. Tsukioka begins the transformation from dress to machine...

Ms. Tsukioka said her idea of the vending machine disguise was inspired by a trick used by Japan’s ancient ninja, who cloaked themselves at night under black blankets.

Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place - New York Times

(Thanks to the always delightful A Fuse #8 Production for the link.)

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Dana said...

I find it hilarious that even the New York Times can be taken for a complete ride without realizing it. The vending machine outfit here isn't a way to "escape from crime," it's just social commentary. Come to Japan and try NOT to find a vending machine anywhere you go. Since the interviewer was probably an idiot, the inventor of that outfit probably told him it was to hide from crime, then laughed herself all the way home.

The "unuseless inventions" also mentioned in that article also do not exist. You can't buy them, find them, or sell them, though I'm sure one or two "inventors" probably created a demo model. And people say Japan has no sense of humor!