May 02, 2007

Why don't we have one of these?

Not to be ungrateful for the free coffee in our office. Or the cookies. Or the office supplies. But, man -- I'd really like a Free Cheese button.

PHOTO: Vidiot's photostream: Push For Free Cheese

History of the Button :: Free Cheese

(via Print Magazine.)


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you BB.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see my photo's getting some new legs, but would you mind linking it back to its original Flickr page? That's the easiest way to comply with the Attribution part of my Creative Commons license.


bb said...

Of course! I can't link directly via flickr's "Blog This" but I gave you the proper credit.

Great photo, Vidiot. It made me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Saw it at a 7-11 a couple years back and was glad I had my camera with me.

(you saw it in Print Magazine? Wow. Is it the current issue?)

bb said...

Yup. Current (May/June) issue, page 160 -- yellow sidebar titled, "Obsessions." The first feature is Congrats!

bb said...

p.s. picked you up yesterday, too.

czeltic girl said...

BB -- Careful what you wish for or TimBob will put the cheese machine back up. :)

Congrats on the Print Magazine pick-up, Sam. That's fantastic!