December 23, 2006

'please make use of the mistletoe'

Love this photo by my buddy, Martina. Seemed like an appropriate image to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, whereever you are in this big wide world. I'm taking a blogging break to go have myself a holiday.

Thanks, everybody! Stop back in a few days. I'll get my blogging butt in gear and try to find you some year-end fabulousness.


(Thanks, Martini. Sending you lots of love from Milwaukee...)


Anonymous said...

mwah, B! Hope you had yourself a merry BIG one! See you in 2007. Lots of love, m.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally leave comments for blogs and such, but thought I'd wish you the best for 2007, seeing as your blog has brightened up many a day in 2006.
Lee, in damp vancouver, canada

BB said...

Thanks, M! And thanks, Lee! Comments brighten MY day... :) bb