September 28, 2006

Simply because I have nothing else to post today.

I've been swamped with no time to look for link-ity goodness. However, like a gift from on high, my newsletter provided me with this excellent picture of a wombat. I had no idea what a wombat looked like. Now I do. I'm pleased.

PB :: Wombat


Funky Finds said...

oh, I am pleased too! He's ugly yet completely adorable!?

L-Dawg said...

Makes me think of a word puzzle I saw a while ago - the answer to the clues are always rhyming words. Clue: "another name for marsupial war", Answer: "wombat combat"

Czeltic Girl said...

I absolutely LOVE wombats (except for their sharp little teeth). And the wombat crossing signs in Australia are simply adorable.