June 17, 2014

Recommended: Chasing Paper temporary wallpaper.

Confession - I'm in terrifying, brain-crushing, full-on crunch time trying to finish renovating my hotel condo so it's ready for Milwaukee's biggest summer festival, Summerfest. One of the things I put off too long is sorting out a backsplash for the kitchenette. Chasing Paper to the rescue! So many great designs and small panels that are just the right size.

But my favorite thing about it? It's a great product created by Wisconsin entrepeneurs, and manufactured right here in Milwaukee! Yay!

UPDATE: 6/25/2014 – The wallpaper is absolutely beautiful and super easy to put up. If you need a quick decor fix, definitely look into Chasing Paper's wallpapers. 

I bought the grey polka dot paper and will beg one of my handy loved ones to put up a wooden trim strip above it.

Chasing Paper

p.s. The links are for clarification - not link bait. :)

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