June 25, 2014

Recommended: RugsUSA.com – Radiante Trellis BC55 Red Rug

While I've been kitting out my tiny hotel condo, I've looked at hundreds of furniture and rug websites and thousands of rugs. This was the rug I settled on. I cannot even express how happy I am that I did. It was ridiculously cheap ($172 for a 7.5' x 9' area rug – with free shipping), and it's absolutely gorgeous. AND, best of all, it was delivered quickly without a single hiccup.

Photo: RugsUSA.com
In the process of renovating the condo, I've bought a LOT of stuff online – absolutely mindbending amounts of furniture, hardware, rugs and accessories. In doing so, I've run across a few companies that have genuinely impressed me with their exceptional service, products or both.  RugsUSA.com was definitely one of them. Great prices, incredible selection, quick delivery and absolutely no fuss.

Sorry - crappy iPhone photo, but this is what the rug actually looks like.
Buy it here: Radiante Trellis BC55 Red Rug | Contemporary Rugs

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post. I just like sharing good vendors and nice stuff. 

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