May 07, 2014

Electric Paint House Kit.

This is really cool. Make paper houses, draw circuits on them with a special pen and light them up. Sweet.

This unique kit is made for budding architects and electricians to
explore and learn about electronics through play. The special pen
included uses electrically conductive paint to create a circuit turning
your two beautiful paper houses into an illuminated voltage village
after the sun sets. The paint is specially formatted to be non-toxic,
solvent-free, and water-soluble, and becomes conductive when dry.
Step-by-step instructions show kids how to decorate and assemble each
house, draw a circuit with the electric paint, and attach all the other
components to complete their little town. Set includes: two pre-cut
paper houses, electric paint pen, four LEDs, two resistors, two LDRs,
two transistors, two battery clips, two 9V batteries, and sticky dots
and stickers. Ages 13 years and up. 3h x 6w x 3"d.

ElectricPaintHouseKit | MoMA Store

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