August 27, 2013

Space-saving folding wall bed.

Ooh. This is a beauty. I'd love one of these for my tiny guest room.

Literal wall beds solve the problem of the increasing demand on availability of space, folding neatly against the wall when not in use, whilst offering the comfort and practicality one expects from a regular bed.

Simple installation of bed takes, typically, 20 minutes to 1 hour. Two vertical brackets based on the floor are secured to the wall with rawl plugs and screws, with bed(s) hinged in between. The vertical brackets bear the load of bed through the floor.

Literal beds easily open and close in seconds. Locking bolt holds bed vertically when not in use. Straps hold mattress and bed linen in place when the bed is in its’ closed vertical position. Locking bolt secures bed in horizontal sleeping position.

La Literal Folding Bed | Encompass Furniture and Accessories

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