August 30, 2013

Paul Batt's Escalator Portraits.

Not terribly interesting when viewed singly, but mesmerizing when you see them in a series.

A nice overview by the always-wonderful It's Nice That:
There’s nothing inherently romantic about an escalator (it’s moving steps for goodness sake) and yet that doesn’t stop these mundane parts of our everyday lives assuming certain cultural characteristics. Maybe it’s because in our turbo-charged, techno-centric world, the escalator is a defined time period where all we need to do is stand and stare at those passing us in the opposite direction, or just lose ourselves in indulgent reverie. Most urbanites will recognise the momentary thrill of falling in love with a passing hottie as your lives cross for a few seconds, plunging in opposite directions; almost certainly never to meet again.

It's Nice That : Photography: Paul Batt captures moments of reverie in his Escalator Portraits

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