June 19, 2013

Ummmm - I'm back.

Hullo? Is this thing on?

I'm sorry I've been so damned quiet as of late. It's because I've been in the throes of changing jobs after 16 YEARS. Daaaamn. My robot army and I just (well, almost three weeks ago now) moved from HDC to Bader Rutter & Associates - another agency here in the Milwaukee area. I'm now officially commuting from the east side to the 'burbs, which seriously bites, but the new job is ace.

Anyway, I'm happy to be settling into my new job and new life as a Senior UX Architect. Especially since I'm now reporting to my pal, Gretchen, who is, seriously, brilliant, but for some reason, kept sending me pictures of sexy gorillas and things like this before I started my new gig:

That's it. Just thought you deserved an explanation. Carry on.

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