February 14, 2013

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day, peoples.

Enamorado by Blanca Gomez.
Not to get too personal, folks, but I adore Valentine's Day.
I've always believed that Valentine's Day is for everyone and every type of love, regardless of romantic status. If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other, just take today to shower a little (or a lot of) love on your friends and family and pets and favorite co-workers and that checker at Walgreens who's maybe having a bad day. Whomever or whatever it takes. Just spread some love. It'll pay off in karma points. Trust me.
Whether I know you personally or you just happened to stop by my blog today, I'm sending love and grins out to you. xo
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Unknown said...

This day is really special day for boys and girls.
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