January 29, 2013

Live abroad in your own home.

These murals by PIXERS are breathtaking. Select one of their designs (FYI - they're not all travel-related) or create your own. Daaaamn. So cool.

Not long ago, in a country where the average temperature is more suited to a polar bear, where the food is washed down with melting icicles and sarcastic smiles never disappear off people’s faces, there were two guys who had a different perception of the reality.

During one, particularly heavy, December night spent in the company of Mr. Jack Daniel’s, they realised just how sad and ugly were the walls surrounding them. They later noticed that it wasn’t just their walls that were mutilated by miserable copies of famous paintings, the atrocity happened all over the country!

“F*ck! I can’t look at yet another Mona Lisa!!” exclaimed one to the other, this time accompanied by Mr. Johnnie Walker. The following day PIXERS was born and the world became a different place.

 PIXERSIZE.com - the most pixersized shop on Earth
 (via the always-brilliant Inhabitat)

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that is so cool!