December 09, 2012

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum needs help. FAST.

If you're a Wisconsin designer, you already know about the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers. It's a beautiful place, housing a HUGE collection of historic wood type. They also hold workshops and exhibits celebrating and keeping alive this lovely, oft-forgotten manual medium.

Well, they need help, folks. Fast.
They're being evicted from their museum space – which means they have to pack up their 40K sq ft museum and find a new place to live on short notice. No small or inexpensive feat, this. (More information here.)
1. Donate to and/or attend the AIGA WI Hamilton Museum Fundraiser. 
AIGA Wisconsin is having a fundraiser for them in January. If you're a designer or artist who would like to donate work for this fundraiser, please email Chris Klein at AIGA Wisconsin.
Thursday, January 10th • 7-10:30pm
Location: Jackalope Lounj
345 N. Broadway, Milwaukee

Join AIGA Wisconsin for a special screening of "Typeface" as well as lots of cool items to help raise funds for the Hamilton Museum in Two Rivers.
2. Donate money.
To donate, visit their web site.

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum - 1.5 Million Pieces of Wood Type

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berrylies said...

DONATED. We're headed up that way today and I wanted to be able to visit one last time, but sadly we'll be getting up too late. Hope they get the support they need. It's so incredible!