April 17, 2012

Floating Chinese Sky Lanterns.

Wow. Groupon is actually featuring something that makes me go "oooooh." I'd love to send a bunch of these off into the sky...

These sky lanterns are handmade and imported from China, where traditional lanterns have lifted off for centuries and are considered good luck. Packs of 10 or 20 pristine lanterns, each about the size of a large beach ball or a 1/100,000-scale model of Jupiter, float peacefully into the sky, propelled by hot air wafting from a small flame within. After about 15 minutes of flight, flames self-extinguish, and the fire-resistant lantern body gently falls and begins to completely biodegrade. Launching Chinese sky lanterns can lend extra pomp and symbolism to events such as memorial services, weddings, and driver’s ed class reunions.
Floating Chinese Sky Lanterns Deal of the Day | Groupon Abilene, TX

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