November 11, 2010

Tie Tea Cup.

This is a lovely little design. Practical and pretty.

p.s. Top tip: Don't leave your teabag in your tea whilst drinking it. Oversteeping makes it bitter and ruins your lovely tea.

Tie Tea solves the eternal problem of fishing around for that tea bag that's inevitably fallen into your cup.

Simply tie your teabag to the tab and you're all set. Designed like a boat dock cleat - your tea bag wont go floating away!

Tie Tea Cup by George Lee for le mouton noir & co. - Free Shipping

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Jennifer S. said...

what a great idea!!!


Anonymous said...

This is the most important "invention" in my life. Thank you. I do not have to dip my finger to get my tea bag tag anymore!!!! and .. this is really a cute simple design.