November 11, 2010

Help Olga make an album.

She's adorable and talented. (I couldn't resist after watching the video.)

About this project

LAMP is a full-length album by Olga Nunes-- and it's also a story built around the music, told through letters, art installations, and short films. In Chapter One of LAMP, you are introduced to Lamp and Lux, two people who haven't spoken to each other in a very long time. One day Lux receives a package that she thinks can only have come from him. So, she decides to write him a letter. The only problem is, she doesn't know how or where to find him-- so she puts a message in a bottle, ties it to a balloon, and releases it into the sky.

What happens next? I want you to be part of the story.

Every person who donates to the LAMP Kickstarter (to help turn the album and story into reality!) will be invited to submit their old love letters, and help create the backstory of Lamp and Lux. Additionally, I'm holding a balloon release event in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, where people (and maybe you!) will release one hundred of Lux's letters into the sky. Not in SF? No problem. I'll be documenting all the letters in the story and filming the event, so you can follow it through YouTube and through the website.

My minimum target goal to raise through Kickstarter is $3000-- which covers the bare minimum needed for mastering, album production, and part of the costs to create and film Chapter One. The more you donate and the more backers I have, the more you ensure there will be a Chapter Two and Chapter Three, and you get to see how this all ends. There are lots of rewards to choose from if you decide to support LAMP, and if I exceed my minimum goal, I'll begin introducing super special secret unlocked rewards.

You can listen to more of my music here:
And you can see a special trailer for Chapter One of LAMP, including part of the first single, in the video above.

LAMP by Olga Nunes — Kickstarter

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